What’s this page about?

In 2013 I released this blog post offering a sticker to any vExpert who spent a few minutes of their time completing the phrase, “I’m proud to be a vExpert because...”.

Initially the quotes appeared on my blog cycling through in the sidebar courtesy of a Wordpress plug-in I’d discovered. Shortly after going live with it I realised the plug-in was inadvertently saturating my website due to poor coding, my web-site bandwidth utilisation went through the roof and after a few months of excessive hosting bills I opted to disable the plug-in.

Since then I’d been pondering what to do with these quotes as I wanted to share with the community exactly what it means to individuals. So I opted for a word cloud that highlights the keywords from the phrases I continue to receive, this is what you see above. As more quotes arrive I’ll update the image and change the colour palette so you’ll know it’s been updated.

I’ve included the full submissions below sorted in alphabetical order of the user’s preferred display name.

    “I am proud to be a vExpert because...”